Knowledgeable Voter Upset With Baseless Accusations From Republican Candidates

I try to look past candidate’s actions during the silly season. However, our town (Phillipsburg) has been hit with a lot of negative ads and fliers for this election cycle. So far, it all seems to be coming from one side.

I recently received a flier filled with baseless accusations and innuendo about the current mayor. In the flier, the team’s solution is doing things, and implementing programs the mayor started a year ago. Where have they been? Are they blind to what’s been done, or is it because someone outside our community is running their campaign?

When you read the flier, you think the mayor has done nothing but give out jobs and raises to his friends; the statement is misleading and dishonest at best. The truth is the town went through job assessments, and made salary adjustments as necessary. Some underpaid employees got a bigger adjustment than others, but all were in line with the salary guide.

Additionally, retirements have given the mayor the opportunity to bring in new people with fresh ideas. I am not to putting down former employees; they were hard workers that dealt with challenges during their tenure.

At the same time, no one can deny that today there are more opportunities for our children, more festivities for the community, and a brighter future for our town as new ideas are brought forward by energetic, problem solving, positive people. Anyone who lives in our town sees the difference. Our once stagnant community is now starting to move forward. I write this, not to put down the prior administrations, as they too had to deal with issues while they were in office. I’m just stating an obvious fact.

The flier mentions how they want to attract new businesses. Are they aware of the current initiatives to market the town, raise revenues, and recruit new businesses? I am the UEZ coordinator, and as of this letter, not one of the candidates on the flier has contacted me to find out what the UEZ is doing. Other candidates have.

The flier mentions moving the municipal building as a waste of money. Others see it as an investment in revitalizing our downtown.

I guess these candidates see a town in decay, while others see a town has taken steps to move forward, and is on the rise.

Should any of these candidates come to your house and ask for your vote, ask them a few questions like: has the town gotten better or worse in the last year? Were you aware of the current abandoned property initiative? Do you know about the effort to track down absentee landlords? Are you aware of the recruitment project? If they answer yes, ask them why they printed the flier. If they answer no, ask them why they are really running.

Pat Dragotta